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Jun11-Atlanta Georgia ivf meds Crinone 8% vag gel 90 total $400 obo vivelle dot 128 total $200 obo leuprolide 14 mg 1 vile $50 obo 619 219 4202 sonni

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

Jun10-Canton Michigan Does anyone have Lupron 3.75mg for sale? I have no ins.coverage. I have to pay out of pocket. I can't use the 2-week kit, I need 1 unopened and properly stored Lupron 3.75mg pre-filled syringe. call or txt 313-978-1101. Missy
Jun10-New York NY 2 boxes of Menopur. Each box includes 5 single vials x 75 IU. $100 each box. 3 boxes of Gonal-F. Each box includes 1 Gonal-F pen x 900 IU /1.5 ml.$200 each box.Brand new. All unexpired and unopened. Expiration April 2016 .Email:romawolf @ hotmail. com 646 318 6648 Jane
Can You Benefit From Fertility Herbs?

Jun10-White Plains NY 1x Gonal F/900iu, 03/16 $200 -1x Follistim 900iu + pen & case, 02/16 $250 -5x Follistim 300iu, 04/16 $50 - 4x Menopur 10x75iu, 02/17 $200 - 4x Ganirelix 250mcg, 06/17 $50 - buy all $1,500 incl. needles - text/914-980-3528 or email Matthieu
Jun10-New York New York For sale after successful IVF transfer Endometrin: 4 boxes of 21 inserts, $50 per box, expire 8/15 Gonal F 900IU pens: 5 pens of 900IU each, $400 per pen, expire 12/15 properly refrigerated and stored New York city local pickup only. Call or text Julie: 917-414-0795 Julie

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Jun10-Fort Worth Texas I have leftover meds available for cheap. Please contact 347-854-9684 for more info. I have Follistem, Ganirelix and Menopur. brandy
Jun10-councilbluffs iowa Left over meds -follistim 600iu I have 3left $200. each Manipur 75iu ; I have 4boxes left $75 each ganerillix I have 3 left $50 each ; crinone 8%i have 4 boxes $75each; all stored properly: you pay shipping I only ship fed ex text 402 706 8289 chris
Jun10-Westhampton MA Fertility drugs: 5 ganirelix pre-filled syringes 250 UG/.5ml exp. 8/12/15. 2 Menopur, 75 IU exp. 8/12/15. Gonal F RFF Redi-ject pen-900 IU/1.5 ML exp 8/12/15. 58 Vivelle estradiol patches, crinone (progesterone gel 2 boxes, progesterone capsules. $400. Ideally I'd like to sell All the medication and assoc. needles together, so one flat fee for all: $400 or best offer. A deposit for half is required for me to mail it to you and then you send the second check. 413 203 3150 Jenn
Can This Miracle Spice Stop Cancer, Alzheimer's and Arthritis? Dr. Mercola

Jun10-Columbia South Carolina I am selling left over meds.1 box Ganrelix $75.00 ,1 box Novarel $125 , 13 vials of menopur $50 per vial.1 box 2 week kit Lupron stored properly for $150. or buy all for $800 plus shipping. contact me at 803-201-5304 Angela
Jun9-Virginia DMV VA I have unused refrigerated 900iu Follistim. exp 2016/2017. Cancelled IVF cycle. $275 a box. Discount available for local pickup. Email only Please. Please note the email address is Kheri
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Jun9-Fort Worth TX Follistim Aq 900u/ 1.08 cartridge- Qty 2/ 6 day supply: $1,500 plus shipping. Email Laura at Sticker says to use by 8/8/15. 817 368 1680 Laura
Jun9-Milwaukee Wisconsin Still have available 300iu follistim for $140 exp 6/2016 and two follistim thats expired both for $35. Also have two follistim pens,needles and case for $20 each 262 308 5855 kiera
Jun9-Mobile AL Menupur 3 boxes left $275 will ship asap 251 423 4393 Tomecia
Caution: This Common Device Can Double Your Risk of Getting a Brain Tumor Dr Mercola  EMF
Jun9-New Castle DE Selling our unused Medications. We have Follistim, Menopur and a few gonal f pens available. Email me for details and prices will give you a good deal. Paid out of pocket for everything. Meds are unexpired and have been stored properly. 302 317 1528 Will
Jun8-Mobile AL 3 boxes of menupur $300 plus shipping email aandt27 at hotmail com 251 423 4393 Tomecia
Jun8-Cleveland Ohio Follistim AQ 900 IU vials. Sealed/refrigerated. Expire 1- 2017. $275 each. 4 available. Menopur sealed boxes. 5 sets/ box. Expire 6-16. $120 each box. 4 available. Pen and syringes available. Fed Ex COD only. Shipped in same packaging as received from pharmacy. Karen
Jun7-Cambridge MA Selling 4 unopened boxes of Follistim 300IU $140 each, 1 progesterone oil intramuscular $ $35. Never left fridge since pharmacy delivered. Properly stored, unopened, sealed. Must have prescription. Expiration dates by separate email. You pay for shipping. FEDEX COD only. MariAnne

Do Medications really expire? Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?

Jun7-Baltimre Maryland Menopur- $30/vial $150/bx Lovenox- $100/bx of 10 Endometrium- $3/insert or $60/bx of 21 gonal-f 75iu pens $20 each 707 820 7632 maire
Jun7-Harrisburg Pennsylvania IVF Gonal F Pen 900IU in unopened refrigerated box expires next year 3/2016. Please email Have Crinone gel as well. 267 702 4861 Peter
Jun7-virginia DMV area I have unused refrigerated 900iu Follistim. exp 2016/2017. Cancelled IVF cycle..$275 a box. Discount available for local pickup. email only. kheri
Jun7-Mount pocono Pa leftover meds, stored properly, not expired. Here's what I have: 8 vials 600iu follisim $215 each, 5 cetritide $50 each, several crinone boxes $80 each, prometrium and estrogen pills $1 each. 570 972 8527 Rosie
Jun5-Orlando FL 3 900IU Follistim AQ $350 each exp 9/15, 1 600IU Follistim AQ $200 exp 6/15 All meds stored properly. Free pen if purchase at least 2. Partially used 600IU free if purchase all. Prefer local pick up, otherwise FedEx COD. Lisa 407 721 6405

Jun5-Fort Lee NJ New properly stored 5 Follistim 900iu ex.10/2016 (free pen if you buy 2 or more) -$400 each; Menopur 75iu ex.03/2016, 5 vials per box-$50/vial or $200/box; 10 Ganirellix Acetate 250mcg/0.5ml, exp.02/2016 & 01/2017 FEDEX COD. Will email photos & details 516-639-8476 Nori

Jun5-Nashville/Lebanon TN I just went though IVF and took quickly to the meds and used only half therefore have sealed, non expired, kept at correct temp 11 vials Menopur, 17 vials Bravelle, 1 Gonal F, 2 crinone, 6-50mg Clomid needles, syringes, ect. Misty
Jun5-Philly PA I have two vials of unopened Follistim 900IU. Asking $600 for both. 201 993 2807 VicGan

Jun5-Phoenix AZ qty: 5 Follistim 900 IU exp: 10/2015 Cancelled IVF cycle and need the money. We all know how expensive these medications are so please do not low ball me on price. qty:7 Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5mL exp: 6/2016 qty:5 Menopur 75IU exp:2/2015. 602 702 1100 Sarah

Jun5-Queens New York 2 New sealed GonalF 900iu pens exp 9/16. $400 ea. 1 GonalF pen with 600iu exp 9/16 $200. Will include the 600iu for free if both boxes purchased. 5 new boxes Menopur 75iu exp 3/16 $175ea. Will ship /pickup NYC/LI.Text 917-459-1852.FEDEX COD Nicole
June5-Queens New York 8 boxes generic lovenox exp 6&10/2017 $100ea. 5 Ganirelix exp 2/16 $50ea. Crinone 8% box of 15 exp 10/16 plus 3 extra doses exp 12/16 $100. Will ship fedex cod or local pickup NYC/LI. Buyer pays shipping. Text Nicole 917-459-1852.

Jun5-washington dc IVF meds:1 box Menopur 5 vials exp 10/15 $150 box; 4 boxes 900IU Follustim expired 4/16 $350/box; Noune
Jun5-West Palm Beach Fl: We were lucky enough to get pregnant on canceled cycle. I have 4 GonalF 900iu pens, 6 boxes 75iu Menopur, 6 boxes Cetrotide, 1 Novarel trigger inj, 3 boxes of 40 Crinone 8%. All negotiable as I just want them to be used. Email me at 561 693 8771 Heather
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Jun5-Ann Arbor MI Selling ovidrel trigger shot $80, never used and always kept refrigerated. I can mail it next day refrigerated. You pay shipping. 734 945 3606 Fernanda
Jun5-mobile al Menupur 10 boxes free please email aandt27 at hotmail dot com 251 423 4393Tomecia
Jun5-Longwood Virginia Looking for Oviitrelle Ovidrel only FEDEX COD only If you have any left over, please contact Marcia B I would like exp dates after September 2015. 804 867 5309
Jun5-Seattle WA 3 Gonal F 450 IU unopened boxes exp 01/2016. Properly stored. Local delivery or shipped at no cost to you. $333 obo. FedEx COD. 405 345 5125 Ching

Jun5-NY NY IVF cycle cancelled! 2- Ganirelix (Exp:3/16) = $80 each / 3- Cetrotide (Exp:3/16) = $80 each / 5 vials (75iu) Menopur (Exp 7/16) = $125 for all Pics available Prefer local pickup/meet up. Email/Call/Text 516-532-7156 Alicia

Jun5-long island ny Leftover after IVF success: All meds sealed. 2 boxes of Ganirelix $50 each. 1 Follistim 900 iu with pen $350. 3 Boxes sealed $100 each of menopur 75 iu. email is 631-294-4668 jess
Jun4-New York NY Ganirelix Acetate 250 mcg/0.5 ml - Subcutaneous sterile pre-filled syringe 27 guage by 1/2" needle. Expires 02/2016. Only 10 available. 516-639-8476 Nori
Jun4-New York NY Menopur 75iu subcutaneous injection Q-cap vials. 5 single dose vials per box. Expires 03/2016. 5 boxes available. Corresponding sterile syringes can be shipped for free if needed. 516-639-8476 Nori
Jun4-New York NY Follistim 900iu- 5 cartridges; only first 2 buyers can get free Follistim pen. Never opened and kept refrigerated. Expires 11/21/2015. 516-639-8476 Nori
Jun4-Milwaukee Wisconsin I have one follistim 300iu exp: 06/2016 for $150, and two follistim 300iu that exp:01/14 for $30 ea I can send pictures. Thanks 262 308 5855 kiera
Jun4-gilbert AZ 3 boxes of menopur 75 iu 5 dose, 2 boxes of edometetrin 21 inserts per box 100mg, one prefilled shot of ganeralix 250 mcg/.5ml. Open to price negotiations, make me an offer. Just want to give back. Text 480 600 9364. Email Vanessa
Jun4-Phoenix AZ These meds were sold, however, I never received payment so first come first serve. qty: 5 Follistim 900IU exp: 10/2015 qty: 2 Menopur 75IU exp: 2/2016 qty: 5 Menopur 75IU exp: 2/2016 qty: 7 Ganirelix 250MCG/0.5ML exp: 6/2016 qty: 15 Crione Prog Gel 8%. 602 441 0734 Shara
Jun3-Lakewood ohio Three 900 IU Follistim AQ. Sealed, refrigerated. Expires March 2017. $300 each. Free pen if you buy 2 or 3. 3 Menopur, sealed boxes, 5 set/s box. Expires 6-16. $110 each. No discount on individual items, but $1200 for all. Fed ex cod only Karen
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Jun3-Chicago IL Follistim 900 IUS have 5 boxes each box $350. Exp March 2016 & are refrigerated. Any questions call 312-399-0341 or via Cash on delivery, online or venmo. 312 399 0341 Roxie
Jun3-Chicago IL Gonal F 900IU sealed, refrigerated 9 boxes: exp 12/2015- $300 each. Ganirelix 250 mcg 4 boxes: exp 9/2016 $90 each. FEDEX COD from Chicago within 24h. Contact Maya at 773 317 5582 or email
Jun2-Lindenhurst NY Follistim 900 IU- I have 3 boxes left over from my successful IVF that expire in 8/16. Asking $400 per box but negotiable. All refrigerated. Feel like this batch is lucky, I was successful & so was another woman that I sold a box to. Only serious inquiries please. 718 913 8364 Michele
Could this be Why Many Women are Infertile?

Jun2-Toledo OH 5 boxes Crinone 8% progesterone gel each box contained two tubes each containing 1.125 g of gel. Exp 1/15. $30/box. Email at 419-475-4833 Gmaria
Jun2-Washington DC Lupron - Leuprolide Acetate 1 mg/ 2.8 ml 14 day kit with all needles. Used .4 ml yesterday, 2.4ml remaining ,more than enough for a trigger shot. Expires 3/23/16. Local pick-up only $50. Has been kept at proper temperature since purchase. Prefer text to emails. 301 883 1122 Bee
Jun2-new york ny New fertility medication Gonal-f 75U 12 vials $70 exp.2/16 menopur 75IU 6 vials exp.6/16 $80 cetrotide 0.25 3 boxes ex.4/16 $80 All medication properly stored. willing to meet in NYC. Only serious buyers. 917- 282-7455 Nestor
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Jun2-dc/md/va Virginia I have brand new boxes of follistim 900 iu. Refrigerated exp. 2016/2017. $325 each. Fast ship. FedEx cod. tammy
Jun2-Mt pocono Pa leftover meds, stored properly, not expired. Here's what I have: 8 vials 600iu follisim $215 each, 5 cetritide $50 each, several crinone boxes $80 each, prometrium and estrogen pills $1 each. 570 972 8527 Rosie
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Jun2-Fort Worth TX Follistim Aq 900u/1.08 cartridge Qty 2/ 6 day supply- $1,500. 817-368-1680 Laura
Jun1-Tampa FL Two 2 sealed, refrigerated boxes of 900 IU Gonal-F. Expires in 2016. Will mail or local pickup. $400 each -obo. Please email for details. 813-650-3979

Jun1-Budd lake New jersey Gonal F 900 iu/1.5ml for sale. Exp. 02/16. $250, unopened and refrigerated. Menopur, 8, 75iu vials. Exp. 01/16. Unopened. $250 for all. Will add 11 extra vials of mixing solution sodium chloride and injections. Clients will pay for all shipping. PLEASE SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Prices reduced. 973 876 7156 Henrietta

Jun1-Itta bena Mississippi Follistim 600iu two boxes expires January 2016 $200 a box 662 704 0453 Frances
scam warning..(this is why FEDEX COD is the prefered method of payment and shipping... editor) For information on the scam…I was contacted by a Maria Druzinovic who said that she was interested in all of the Follistim that I had for sale. Details of her transaction requirements are listed below in our conversation. What happened is that her “sponsor” sent us a bogus cashier’s check which I deposited. She wanted me to deposit the check and immediately wire her the funds, but as I waited to see that it would clear, this saved me from being out $1800 approx. My bank contacted me that the check was being returned and I emailed her back immediately that I would not be wiring money and never heard from her again. Had I not been skeptical and waited for the check for a few days to clear and listened to her, I would have full on been scammed. Please make sure that other seller’s are not taken advantage of and post some sort of warning. Sincerely, Kathy Brown
Hi Doug, I know you were kind enough to place warnings regarding "pay pal" and to suggest that FED EX COD was the best way to go. I had a buyer recently insist and beg for USPS COD and have yet to receive the payment after ten days. If you don't mind, please give your sellers a head's up. The USPS will not trace a missing COD until 30 to 60 days! If your buyer won't send you the receipt information or try to track it at their post office you are out of luck. With FED EX, the buyer may have to pay a few more dollars, but as the seller, who is at risk, you are protected, as the FED EX COD comes back the next business day. I wouldn't want to see any other sellers "stuck" as I am. It is very likely I will never see the money and have no recourse. Thanks.
Doug, I believe it would be of great service to your customers to put up a notice in the medical section that they NOT say they accept paypal. Paypal has closed my account, not for using them to purchase/sell meds, but because I posted on your site. This is what they sent: We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account. After review of your account, we determined that you are associated with the website which lists fertility medicine for sale, more specifically, Bravelle. The use of PayPal with this type of sale is a violation of our policy.
Evidently they are trolling your site and collecting e-mail addresses, then closing accounts when customers make any purchase which doesn't run through ebay. I don't know if they clued in to my ad because I said, as do many users of your site, that I used Paypal, but I can imagine that many users will have their accounts seized if paypal is this authoritarian in their patroling of the web. It might also be good to advise only a phone number, not an e-mail address IF it is one they have used with ebay or paypal. Would it be OK for me to post a warning on your site? Thanks, V.A. Austin
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