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May23-Harrisburg PA I am in middle of my ivf cycle. I need follistim or gonal-f 900iu at a lower cost. i can do local pick up too. If shipping I will pay through Fedex or USPS COD. 717 982 1722 sarah

May23-saranac lake NY im looking for follistim, menopure or bravelle basically FSH/LH injections both because im trying to get pregnant and need fertility meds because of fertility problems if you are selling any ivf meds please contact me back asap at or text me at 518-217-8781 thanks: lindsey
May24-Scranton PA IVF meds left over from successful cycle. Menipur 75 IU u $200 exp. Jun 2017. Ganirelix syringe qty of 6 250 UG $75 ea exp Jun 2018. Follistim AQ 600 IU with pen $275 exp Sep 2017. Everything is properly stored. Buyer pays shipping. Call Tia 570-702-6171
May23-Houston TX I have Bravelle not expired $40 per vial and expired Menopur $20 for 2016 vials and $10 for 2015 vials. I hate to see them go to waste. I have 10 generic Lovenox syringes $50 for all. In person in Houston only, no shipping. Text or call 713 446 8745 Melanie
May23-Ocean County NJ ISO Gonal F or Follistim need approx 2250iu total, Ganirelix need 5 boxes and pregnyl 1. Please email me or text me if you have these available 732-861-4907. Thx Kelly
May23-Chicago Illinois packaged pregnyl, menopur, follistim 900 iu cartridges. the follistim pen allows the user to dial a specific dose in 25 iu increments from 50 iu to 450 iu per subcutaneous injection. at 804 250 5843 Elivis Tessy
May22-Jersey City NJ Mylan Estradiol Transdermal Patches generic for Vivielle Dots 8 patches per box 0.1mg/D. Currently have 13 boxes. Successful IVF cycle. Selling $30/per box or $350 for all. Expiration January 2017. Motivated seller. 201 305 0539
May22-San jose Ca Left over Unused Ivf meds:Bravelle 8 vials,Menopur 9 vials,Generic lovenox 40 mg 22 shots,Generic Estrace 2mg 90 pills,Prednisone 10mg 50 pills. Buyer pays shipping costs. Ask me prices if interested. Can send pic upon request. Anne
May22-Los angeles ca Have over 10 unused 10000 in hcg pregnyl. $50 per box. Expire in 6 months. Meet in west l.a. for exchange near Olympic and bundy. contact at 310 455 6611: rob
May22-Fort Lauderdale FL Unopened & unexpired fertility meds. 6 boxes of Menopur; expires 08/2016, $100 each if you by all or $125 for one. 3 boxes of Ganirelix, expires 2017, $50 each. Have picture as well. Prefer local only which includes West Palm Beach, Broward County, & Dade County. 954-444-5427 Kia
May20-Arlington VA Lovenox generic 30mg/0.3ml $80/box, Neupogen 300mcg 1ml vials $40/vial, Cetrotide $40, Climara patches 0.1 mg $20/2 patches, Sandoz Lupron vial $50 opened, refrigerated, Levothyroxine 50 mcg 250 tabs $50, Dexamethasone 30 tabs $10 Meds expire in 2017. 716 245 5113 Sam
May20-San Francisco California Pregnyl, 4x Ganirelix 250mcg boxes/syringes, each for $60. 5 vials of Progesterone in Sesame Oil 50mg/ml-each for $25. Menopur 75 IU 2 single doses for $20 out of box of 5 doses. 4 Follistim AQ 900 IU with pen/needles refrigerated.hmu at 805 250 5843 Jesse Kate
May20-Portland Oregon Unexpired meds for sale. Successful IVF and unused, unopened meds. Menopur 75iu, 5 vials per box. Expires 3/2017 Two boxes. $125 firm. Ganirelix 250mcg. Expires 2/2018 Two boxes. $60 firm. All boxes sealed and properly stored. FedEx COD only. Buyer pays shipping. Pictures available. 503-504-7420 Kimberly
May20-saranac lake ny im looking for progesterone suppositories because im trying to get pregnant with my first baby im trying to induce a cycle so that i can start my clomid 100mg if you are selling some please contact me via email at or text me at 518) 217-8781 lindsey
May20-New york New York I have one unused and refrigerated Ganirelex Acetate injection 250 mcg/0.5ml available for $20 dollars. I have photos. Expiration date is Novemer of 2017. 201-400-9241 Carolyn
May20-Grand Blanc MI I have 3 boxes 75 IU Menopur Exp 06/2016 $125/box buyer pays shipping. Contact at 810 610 7640 Holly
May20-New york NY Have some Extra IVF meds: Menopur 75IU, 3 boxes with 5 each, expire 12/2016 $150 box or $30 each. Gonal-F pen 900IU, 2 pens, expire 2/2017 - $275 each. can ship 646 667 6764 Sherr
May20-dallas texas Packaged Follistim 900, Menopur 1 Box best offer 972 802 7122 terry
May20-Spokane Washington Looking for & wanting to buy leftover clomid by June. Please email with mg, location, and price. 509 487 2345 Anderson

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

May19-Westminster CA Left over medications from completed cycle - 4 boxes Follistim AQ 900 iu Exp 2017 $500 OBO, 7 vials of Menopur 75 iu Exp 2017 $50 per vial obo, 2 box of Ganirelix 250 mcg exp 9/2016 & 2017 $100 obo. All medications sealed and properly stored. FedEx COD only. Text 714-485-7887 Gina
May19-Portland Oregon Ganirelix Acetate Injection for IVF - 2 X 250 mExpcg Sterile Prefilled Syringe - Expires Nov 2017. Leftover from IVF treatment. $60.each. 414 897 2146 Lauren
May18-Lake Forest CA 3 boxes of Follistim AQ 300 IU each purchased from Encino Pharmacy. Expire 12/2016, stored properly. Prefer local pickup. 614-562-0675 Nicole
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May17-Houston Texas Canceled cycle, therefore ended with many unopened, properly stored meds, looking to sell cheaper. Bravelle 75IU Vial - Qty48 - Exp: 8/31/2016 Cetrotide 0.25mg - Qty6 - Exp: 1/31/17 Leuprolide Trigger 4mg - qty1 - Exp: 5/31/17 Menopur 75IU Vial - qty48 - Exp:9/30/16 Kim Tran
May17-Torrance CA Left over medication from successful IVF cycle, Gonal F 300 IUx3 $450, Menopur 75IUx8 $320. 03/17 Expire. All properly stored and photos available. FedEX Cod shipping only. Shipping cost added to above prices. Email or text me., 310-227-1817 Yuki
May17-High Point NC 5 vials Menopur 75IU - $120, expires in June. Also, 3 vials Menopur expires in May - $30. Buyer pays for shipping via FedEx CoD. 410 258 2242 Tee

Do Medications really expire? Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?

May16-boston ma I am looking for HCG shot 5000-10000 and also I am interested in clomid any mg. Please email me. Serious buyer for reasonable prices. COD only. 857 417 2548 Nelle
May16-Cleveland Ohio Endometrin progesterone inserts; 21 per sealed box $50. Lovenox 40 mg prefilled syringes; 10 per sealed box $60. Vivelle minidot patches; 8 per sealed box $40. Gammagard IVIG; 30g at 10% dilution $750. All are unexpired and properly stored. Fed Ex COD only. Karen
May15-Irvine CA Follistim 300IU with pen and needles, exp 02/17, $180. Estradiol Valerate 100mg/5ml exp10/16, $90. Cetrotide0, 25mg, exp 03/17, $50. Will include requested syringes/alcohol swabs. All unopened, stored properly. Photos available. Cash/online payment only please. Buyers pay shipping. You can contact me: 949 768 6488 Sarah
May15-Shirley New York 1 box of ganirelex 250 mcg exp Jul 2016 $100 obo, and 1 vial of menopur exp 3/2017 best offer. Will mail to you or meet in person. 631 949 4018 Melissa

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Mar15-Albany Ny Have everything properly stored Pics available: menapur 75iu 4bx 5 vial each 8/2016 $150per; follistom 900iu 16bx boxes 3/2017 $200per; ganirelix 250 mcg 11bx 2/2017 $25; cetrotide .25 5bx $25; PIO 4bx $25per; endometrin 2box $50 per; lupron 2wk $40; lovenox 4bx $25per. Email only NY pref. 203 209 5705 Mag
May15-New York NY Bravelle 4 vials $25 ea, menopur $125/box 2 loose $25 ea, lovenox $75/box, Pred 5mg $60, pio $35/box Kay
May15-New York NY Menopur- 2 boxes available in NYC- I'm on the UES. 5 75 IU single dose vials per box. $150 each box. Stored properly- expiration 04/17. Meds left over from recent IVF cycle. Available to meet this weekend. Bryn
Could this be Why Many Women are Infertile?

May15-Jackson NJ 2-unopened boxes Gonal-F 450iu w/needles exp 4/17. 3-unopened boxes Cetrotide 0.25mg kits exp 4/17. 2-unopened boxes Menopur 75iu #5 in each exp 4/17. 1-unopened box Pregnyl 10,000 inuts/10ml exp 4/17. Best offer. Please leave message/email for response. 717-877-3247 Lauren
May15-Hermosa Beach CA 1 .25 mg vial of Cetrotide for sale for $40. Leftover from successful IVF and kept properly stored. Comes with complete unopened kit. Expires August 2017. Text for more information or to purchase. 323 868 9926 Betsy
May15-lewes delaware I have lupron leuprolide acetate 14mg/2.8ml exp 11/16 $80 firm + you pay for shipping. also can include half a vial leuprolide acetate exp 6/16 for free. 302 229 5940 elina
Mar15-Appleton WI Wanted one or two HCG 10000 - payment fedex cod Andy
May15-New York New York Gonal-F 300IU pen Exp 4/2017 and 1 box of Menopur 75IU 5 vials Exp 4/2017 for $500 total. All medications sealed and properly stored. Please email 225 229 2625 Leigh
May15-Little Rock Arkansas I am looking for 15 pills on letrozole. Local pick up or online payment with shipping. 501 212 4747 sarah

May15-Bayarea Ca Properly stored, unexpired, sealed and unused IVF meds. Pregnyl $78, 2 boxes Gonal-f 450iu $350 each, 2 boxes Cetrotide 0.25 mg $75 each, 2 boxes Menopur 75iu $80 each. Local pick up. 510 712 5052 Nikki
May13-Cameron north carolina Iso Menopur 75iu, follistim 900iu, gonal f, and chlomid will pay shipping not anything too expensive. need asap Aries
May13-Houston TX Leftovers from successful IVF, properly stored. x103 Crinone 8% gel x86 expire 8/2017+ x17 expire 2/2018 asking $350 ; around x450 estradiol tab 1mg exp 2/7/2017 asking $150. Take all for $450. Can meet locally or ship. Ask for AL 904-600-4466
May13-New York NY 5 Menopur 75iu in sealed box exp 8/16 $100 sealed needle/syringe included, 1 sealed ganirelix exp 4/17 $50. Cash local pick up only. Please email cynthia
Traditional Chinese Medicine May Effectively Promote Fertility

May12-Baltimore Maryland Fertility medication property stored and unexpired. 2 follistam 300 unit boxes $150/box will send the pen for free. Menapure 3 unopened boxes with 5 viles in each box $200/box. 6 Endometrin vaginal suppositories 21 day supply $50/box. Contact me at 443 805 7934. Will do local pick up. Natalie
May12-Long Island Tri State Area IVF Meds- menopur 75IU 8 boxes unopened. 5 viles per box. Exp 6/16 and 8/16 $100 per box. Ganarelix 250mcg 13 unopened boxes exp 6/17 and 10/17 $60 per box. Progesterone in oil 500mg 4 unopened viles exp 10/18 $40 per vile 631-466-2858 Beth
May12-Novi MI Hi, I am looking for Progesterone supplements for my current cycle. Thank you in advance. 248 331 3260 Kaitlyn
May11-Mtn lake NJ Hi Iam in need of a hcg trigger shot pregnyl or novarel. I will take any expired one too as long as it's unopened. I will pay reasonable price and shipping. Please email me or text me simidollatgmaildotcom 917 916 4131 Sami
May11-Seattle WA I have 1 box Follistim AQ 300 iu Exp Feb 2017 - $200 obo, medication sealed and properly stored. Buyer pays for shipping. 206 718 4345 Andy
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May11-Yardley PA IVF Meds: Crinone 8%, exp Jan & May 2018, 54 units $325 total; Estradiol 2 mg tablet 20 units, $20 total; Cetrotide .25mg syringes exp Jan 2017 German packaging. I bought there. 6 syringes, $360 total; 1 Follistim pen, $20. Buyer pays shipping. FedEx COD only. Make offer for all. 215-266-2060 Elizabeth
May10-Olney MD Enoxaparin Sodium Injections prefilled syringes x 40 30 mg/0.3ml- 4 boxes total $150 exp 02/2017 Crinone 8% progestrone oil sup. 3 boxes $25 301-346-6969 Jeanne
May10-Dallas Texas Menopur- i was saving 4 boxes for a repeat local buyer who just decided not to continue. $150/box. Endometrium $60/box of 21. Lovenox $50/box of 10. 262 705 7838 Nichole
May10-Minneapolis MN 2 boxes of Menopur - unused,unopened. expiration 1/17. Comes with syringes etc. $380 for both or best offer. 612-229-7147 Erin
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May10-Rochester NY Ganilerix for $40, a box of crinone 8% for $40. Please contact me at 571-265-2330 Michelle
May10-Woodbridge Virginia Northern VA ­ ivf meds stored properly ­ 5 Follistim 600 IU exp3/17 have2 pens, 5 boxes of Menopur 75 IU exp3/17, 10 Centrotide .25 mg 4 exp3/17 6 exp5/17, 1 Bravelle 75 IU exp7/16, 28 Endometrin inserts with app exp7/17. Best offer. 571 344 4066 Carrie
May9-3 boxes of follistim 300 iu available. $600 takes all or $250 each. Online payment only. Photos available. All expire in 2017z contact 980-337-8867 Colleen
May9-Cleveland Ohio Endometrin progesterone inserts; 21 per sealed box. Lovenox 40 mg prefilled syringes; 10 per sealed box. Vivelle minidot patches; 8 per sealed box. Gammagard IVIG; 30g at 10% dilution. All are unexpired and properly stored. Email for prices. Fed Ex COD only. Karey
May8-San Francisco CA Follistim left over Unused, unopened, properly stored. 6 boxes $200 each Follistim 300IU with pen exp. 4/18. 628-400-2241 Amy
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May8-Austin Texas Unopened new meds bravelle, menopur, ganirelix from infertilitymeds.wordpress dot com. in it's original packaging. our cycle was canceled due to natural pregnancy. 4 Follistim 900 iu Bravelle 50 vials Menopur 9 boxes 5 vials per box Ganirelix 6 injections Crinon 2 full inopen boxes At: 804 250 5843 Desmondfersian
May8-Bronx/Nyc/westchester Ny Follistim 900iu X4 boxes $350 each, menopur 75iu X8 boxes $140 each, gonal-f 900iu X4 boxes $350 each, ganirelix X6 boxes $75 each. Email only. must be willing to meet in person not willing to ship meds. Good luck to all. Sarah
May8-san jose ca Left over Unused Ivf meds. Bravelle 8 vials:$150. Menopur 9 vials:$250. Both came from europe same product. 4 boxes crinone 8% $100 each. Generic lovenox 40 mg $200 for 22 shots. Generic Estrace 2mg $100 for 90 pills. Buyer pays shipping costs. anne
May8-Albany NY Updated: menopur 75iu 4 boxes 8/2016 $150per; follistom 900iu 16 boxes 3/2017 $200per; ganirelix 250 mcg 11 boxes 2/2017 $50per; cetrotide .25 5 boxes $50per; PIO 5 boxes $25per; endometrin 2 boxes $50 per; lupron 2wk $25; lovenox 4 boxes $25per. Properly stored. Email only. NY preferred. Meg
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May8-Austin Texas Unopened IVF meds. Baby on the way Expire 10/5/16 and stored properly: 3ml GonalF 900U $350 1.5ml GonalF 450U $200 4 vial Menopur 75IU $45 each 3 kits Centrotide .25mg $45 each Syringes available. Will discount for multiple items and if local. Make offer. 512 296 1313 Jay
May8-Dallas TX follistim 300 $250 follistim 900 $500 box of menopur $250 3 vials of menopur $35 each 4 boxes of Ganirelix $80 each prices negotiable. Serious inquires only please. 972 802 7122 Terry
May8-Johnsburg Illinois Looking for anybody with leftover Clomid for sale. Please message me. 224 337 2448: Amee
May8-Belford NJ Selling Omnitrope 1 vial of 5.8mg. $300 buyer pays shipping 732 688 0044 Susan
scam warning..(this is why FEDEX COD is the prefered method of payment and shipping... editor) For information on the scam…I was contacted by a Maria Druzinovic who said that she was interested in all of the Follistim that I had for sale. Details of her transaction requirements are listed below in our conversation. What happened is that her “sponsor” sent us a bogus cashier’s check which I deposited. She wanted me to deposit the check and immediately wire her the funds, but as I waited to see that it would clear, this saved me from being out $1800 approx. My bank contacted me that the check was being returned and I emailed her back immediately that I would not be wiring money and never heard from her again. Had I not been skeptical and waited for the check for a few days to clear and listened to her, I would have full on been scammed. Please make sure that other seller’s are not taken advantage of and post some sort of warning. Sincerely, Kathy Brown
Hi Doug, I know you were kind enough to place warnings regarding "pay pal" and to suggest that FED EX COD was the best way to go. I had a buyer recently insist and beg for USPS COD and have yet to receive the payment after ten days. If you don't mind, please give your sellers a head's up. The USPS will not trace a missing COD until 30 to 60 days! If your buyer won't send you the receipt information or try to track it at their post office you are out of luck. With FED EX, the buyer may have to pay a few more dollars, but as the seller, who is at risk, you are protected, as the FED EX COD comes back the next business day. I wouldn't want to see any other sellers "stuck" as I am. It is very likely I will never see the money and have no recourse. Thanks.
Doug, I believe it would be of great service to your customers to put up a notice in the medical section that they NOT say they accept paypal. Paypal has closed my account, not for using them to purchase/sell meds, but because I posted on your site. This is what they sent: We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account. After review of your account, we determined that you are associated with the website which lists fertility medicine for sale, more specifically, Bravelle. The use of PayPal with this type of sale is a violation of our policy.
Evidently they are trolling your site and collecting e-mail addresses, then closing accounts when customers make any purchase which doesn't run through ebay. I don't know if they clued in to my ad because I said, as do many users of your site, that I used Paypal, but I can imagine that many users will have their accounts seized if paypal is this authoritarian in their patroling of the web. It might also be good to advise only a phone number, not an e-mail address IF it is one they have used with ebay or paypal. Would it be OK for me to post a warning on your site? Thanks, V.A. Austin
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