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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
May10-Watertown Ny Try to get sell 2 pack 900iu gonal F by may 19 price 400 each asap. moving and cannot take them with me. Trying to sell so I can replace them when I need them. Call 912 321 6424. Email serious inquiries only. Tereshia
May10-San Francisco CA SF Bay Area: 1 box 10 Vials Gonal-F RFF 75IU. Exp Oct, 2017 - $300. 8 vials Menopur 75IU. Exp Jul, 2017 - $150. 4 Ganirelix prefiled syringes. Exp Apr 2017 - $200. 415 652 9695 mike

Mar31-Pasadena CA Left over meds from IUI. Gonal-F 450 IU Multidose, Exp 1/18, $300/ box. Menopur 75IU unopened boxes, 5 vials/box, Exp 2/18, $200/box. All sealed and stored properly. Fedex COD or local. 818-653-9600 Louise

May10-Springfield VA left over meds from IVF, 2 box Follistim 900iu $450 each, 2 box Follistim 300iu $200 each,8 boxes Menapur $250 each and 10 boxes of Ganirelix $160 each 703 994 1523 channy
May10-Raleigh NC Gonal-F 900 IU unopened box, Gonal-F 900IU pen with 450 remaining and needle tips, Lupron approx 9 20 unit does remaining. Use by is 5/1/17 Was refrigerated and should be good until 6/1. Methylprednisolone 10/ 8 mg tablets. 919 903 7286 Triangle only. 7000 Mine Creek Ln Jennifer

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May9-Pittsburgh PA 1ea 900iu Gonal-F Rediject Kit exp. 8/2018 - asking $400. Also have 2ea .25mg Cetrotide comes w/ needles exp. 9/2018 - asking $80 each. Also All meds have been properly refrigerated, will ship on ice FEDEX-COD buyer pays. Contact or 412-706-4349 Joe
May9-Denver CO Menopur 3 vials-$60-expires 7/17. Cetriotide 0.25mg for $60-expires 7/18. Unopened and stored properly If bought together will give leftover Ganirelix syringe 450iu left. Local meet up or Fed ex COD buyer pays shopping. 652 416 2365 Kyle
Can You Benefit From Fertility Herbs?

May9-Somerville NJ Remaining IVF meds for sale from completed cycle - Follistim 900 iu cartridge only - unopened exp. 12/2019 $300 ganirelix acetate 250 mcg prefilled syringe unopened exp. 5/2019 2 available $50 each all stored properly. 908-323-4401 Eva
May9-Grapevine TX Delestrogen 100mg / 5mL Exp. 11/17 -- $50 // 8 Estradiol Patches - Delivers 0.1 mg/day Exp. 3/18 - $100 for all 8. 2 Menopur 75IU injections Exp. 11/17- $80 for both Plenty of new syringes, if needed. Can be sold together or split. Shipping incl. Can discount for bundle. 504 388 8336 Julie
May9-Carle place New York I'm selling my unopened meds, well kept. Expire March-Oct 2018. Have 1 box GonalF 1050 IU $400 and 1 box Menopur 75iU $100 and 2 boxes Cetrotide 0.25mg $100. Price can be negotiated if interested in all Meds. shipping cost will be based on depending on how many Meds purchased Please email with questions gofmanania@gmail. 718 570 7208 Anna
May8-weston fl 2 gonal-f 300iu/0.5ml each $100 all unopened and kept refrigerated exp.06/2017. 2 box crinone 8% 15 app/box each $65 exp.02/2019 local pick up preferred. but i will ship. buyer pays shipping fee. 954 319 3485 lee
May8-Los Angeles California Leftover meds from Ivf cycle in April. Menopur 75uni- 2 unopened boxes - $300. Follistim 300 uni- 1 cartridge -$200. Ganirelix 250 mcg-1 prefilled syringe - $70. Omnitrope support egg quality 5.8 mg vial 5 vials $500. All properly stored. Local pickup only. 818 279 4059 Lucy
May8-LaPlace LA Menopur 75IU have 3 vials exp11/17 & 12/17. Leuprolide 14mg/2.8mL have 2.5mL exp5/18. Estradiol 2mg have 26 tablets exp11/17. Ganirelix Acetate 250/0.5mL have 3 boxes exp 7/18. Follistim 300IU have 40 units exp7/18. Follistim 600 IU have 20 units exp 9/17. Text 504-417-6646 Rachel
May8-Chicago IL Leftover Meds IVF cycle. Folistim 900 IU w Syringe $300 each 4/2018 expiry, Endometrin $100 box. Lovonex $100 per box of 30. All 2018 expiry or later. Overnite ship w cooler. Best of Luck Email at 630 605 5179 Cindy

May8-Frederick MD 2 boxes of Menopur and 4 vials - $500 3 vials of Gonal F 75iu $150 Follistim 900- $300. After 5 tries me and my husband are done Trying to sell the left overs meds. Serious inquires only I can mail the meds, but I would prefer pick up. Pay Venmo 301-820-1609 Viviane Costa
May7-Rockville Maryland All eggs have been frozen so do not need leftover medications. 6 unopened boxes of Menopur $65 each. 2 boxes of Ganirelix $20 each. 2 two week kit of Leuprolide $75 each. COD fedex, COD UPS or Local DC, Maryland Virginia only. All included syringes, Q-caps etc. 301 254 0998 Nicole
May7-Rockville Maryland I received too much medication and would like to share what I don't need. I have two 2 week kits of Leuprolide $175 for both.5 boxes of Menopur $50 each box. Ganirelix 2 boxes $40 for both boxes. I also have needles, syringes, and Q caps no charge. 301 254 0998 Nakeda
May7-Arlington Va Endometrin progestrone Vaginal Insert 100 mg 3 Box of 21 each, Menopur 75 IU - 1 Unopened box of 5 and 3. Leuprolide Acetate Injection 14 mg/ 2.8 ml - 1 mg/0.2 ml/ unit. Stored in prescribed condition. Respond with best offer. FedEx Cod or local delivery 703 825 5853 Vidyadi

May7-Dallas TX I'm selling my unopened meds, well kept in fridge. Expire Aug-Sept 2017. Have 2 boxes GonalF 900 IU $400 each and 1 box Cetrotide 0.25mg 7 units $350. Local sales preferred, call, text or email 817 889 3477, Daniele

May7-Camden Nj After 6 transfers we are finally pregnant I have some leftovers looking to sell to women who are oop like myself. Gonal f $275 Menopur $200 Cetrotide $200 Lovenox $150 Endometrin $150 Omnitrope $275 Good luck & god bless text for sooner reply 704 727 8805 Lisa
May7-santa clara CA Follistim 900IU 1 box $300 obo expires July 2017. either local pick up or FEDEX COD. 408 417 7975 Sarah
May7-Chicago IL Leftover fertility meds for IVF. All stored properly. 4 boxes of Follistim 900, expiring 7/2018 and 1 box of Menopur 75 and 4 additional vials expiring 6/2017. $450/box of Follistim. $150 for all Menopur. I prefer a local buyer to avoid shipping hassle. 847-966-1098 Adelaide
May7-Chicago IL Leftover Meds IVF cycle. Folistim 900 IU w Syringe $300 each 7/2018 expiry, Menopur $100 box. Properly stored. Ganirelix for $70 per box. Endometrin $100 box. Lovonex $100. All 2018 expiry or later. Overnite ship w cooler. Best of Luck Email at 630 605 5179 xiaoyan
May7-Clermont Florida Looking for donations or inexpensive 1 Gonal pen 300/ 450 and 3 vials of Menopur 75. I'm in the middle of my cycle and may need an additional day worth of medications. Will pay for shipping. Prefer local, will pick up. Thank you 352-394-2409 Liza
May5-Washington DC 900 iu Gonol F pen exp 1/18 $350, 10 boxes Cetrotide exp 4/18 $50 each, 900 iu Follistim $400, Estradiol Valerate $100. Buyer pays shipping. Prefer local pick up. 703 831 2238 Brook
May5-Torrance Ca left over IVF meds Gonal F 300 $125 exp Nov 2017, Cetricide kit .25 $50 exp Nov 2017 progesterone 500 mg 2 bottles $60 each exp $aug 2019 email if interested email: Sandy
May5-bay area CA femara- 2.5mg, 10 tablets. $70 Free shipping, please email if interested no phone calls. Kim
May5-Chicago IL Leftover Meds from IVF cycle. Folistim 900 IU with Syringe for sale $300 each 4/2018 expiry, Menopur $70 per box. All properly stored. Will overnight ship with cooler. Best of Luck Email me at 630 605 5179 Cindy
May4-Houston TX 4 vials of Menopur 75 UI Opened box leftover from my cycle. $200 for all. Prefer locals. 804 543 0765 Pat
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May3-Exchange Place New Jersey looking to sell Leuprolide Acetate 2 week kit. Leftover from IVF. Stored carefully in fridge. Will ship Fedex COD or can meet in exchange place/NYC so that you are confident about the quality!. Please email and not text. 210 874 9202 Terra
May3-Spartenburg SC Leftovers properly stored & unexpired. Gonal F 300iu & 900iu pens $250/$375 Menopur $200 per box Endometrin inserts $150 per box Cetrotide $200 per box Omnitrope $300 per vial Ldn $75 Prograf $75 Lupron 2 week kit $200. 704 727 8805 Liss
May3-Atlanta GA 6 Boxes of Gonal-F 450IU multidose box. Never opened, exp 03/2018, stored properly. Boxes do not have to be refrigerated like pens. $190 each. One Lupron 2 week kit never opened, $110. Contact Sheila 678-988-1423 or
May3-Chicago IL Follistim available: 900IU, exp 4/2018, $375; 300IU, exp 2/2017, $75-pen free with purchase of 900IU. 1 box Menopur, 75IU-5 vials $150. Buyer pays shipping, prefer local buyer, but can ship. Call/text 424 442-9501 for more info. All properly stored. Eddie Smith
May3-Biloxi MS Leftover Meds from successful Ivf. Properly stored. Gonal-F 900iu, unopened, expires 4/18-$320. Opened Gonal F with 800ius left, expires 08/18-$180. Centrotide, expires 12/17-$50. 5 boxes crinone 8%, all expire in 18 or 19, $50 per box. Estradiol patches- $30 box. Email only. 228 875 7426 Sarah
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May3-Oakland CA would i need 7 pens of 900iu gonal and 9 boxes of menapur. I have all the gonal but only 6 boxes of menapur and 5 ovidrel 707 241 6508 Angela
May2-Grapevine TX Delestrogen 100mg / 5mL Exp. 11/2017 8 Estradiol Patches - Delivers 0.1 mg/day Exp. 3/2018 9 pills Dexamethasone 0.5mg Exp. 6/2017 2 Menopur 75IU injections Exp. 11/2017 2 vials of Lupron exp. 11/2017. 423 352 9090 Julie
May2-Williamsburg Virginia Leftover meds properly stored & unexpired with proof. Buyer pays for shipping on items. I have gonal f 900iu $400 Menopur $200 Endometrin $175 Cetrotide$200 Lovenox $250 omnitrope $300 Prednisone $100 Please Text for faster response. Good luck to all. 845 243 6160 Pamela Grey
May1-Austin TX Leftover Crinone 8% after a successful IVF cycle. Unopened, in original package and kept cool: 9 Crinone inserts $15 each. Expires 10/2019. COD total $135 + shipping. Email: Sarah 714 478 4502

May1-Pembroke Pines FL Leftover ivf meds for sale. Menopur $200 for 5 vials of 75iu, follistim 300iu $150, follistim 900iu $450, gonal f 75iu $50 each. Buyer pays shipping. All meds are unopened and stored properly. Contact Danielle via email or phone 786 251 5355

May1-Pasadena Ca Overpurchased Puregon same as Follistim, made in Canada 300iu x 6 available, expiring 5/17. $80 per 300iu cartridge. Uses same pen as Follistim. Buyer pays shipping. Texting preferred. 818 350 2464 Binh
May1-Central Jersey New Jersey Follistim AQ 900 IU one cartridge/vial unopened and refrigerated $420. 2 prefilled syringes Ganirelix ACET 250 MCG/0.5 ML, $70 each or $130 both. Expiry April 2018. Ready to make overnight shipping at my own expense, or meet in NJ. 848 248 9662 Kay Joseph
May1-Central Jersey New Jersey Follistim AQ 900 IU one cartridge/vial unopened and refrigerated $420. 2 prefilled syringes Ganirelix ACET 250 MCG/0.5 ML, $70 each or $130 both. Expiry April 2018. Ready to make overnight shipping at my own expense, or meet in NJ. 848 248 9662 Kay Joseph

May1-Simi valley California I have decided not to continue with the procedure. All medication unopened and properly refrigerated. Exp 1/18.3×Gonal F 900iu pen $450 each. 2 boxes of Menopur 75 IU (5 Vials in the box) $150 per box. 1x Leuprolide $175 each. 1x Chorionic $50 each. Text kiki 818 216 6345 email

May1-Vista California I have 5 boxes of Ganirelix that expires 9/17! I am on my second IVF treatment and my doctors changed my protocol this time and I don't need them. I don't want them to go to waste. Make me an offer. 1 760 518 8659 Kristi
scam warning..(this is why FEDEX COD is the prefered method of payment and shipping... editor) For information on the scam…I was contacted by a Maria Druzinovic who said that she was interested in all of the Follistim that I had for sale. Details of her transaction requirements are listed below in our conversation. What happened is that her “sponsor” sent us a bogus cashier’s check which I deposited. She wanted me to deposit the check and immediately wire her the funds, but as I waited to see that it would clear, this saved me from being out $1800 approx. My bank contacted me that the check was being returned and I emailed her back immediately that I would not be wiring money and never heard from her again. Had I not been skeptical and waited for the check for a few days to clear and listened to her, I would have full on been scammed. Please make sure that other seller’s are not taken advantage of and post some sort of warning. Sincerely, Kathy Brown
Hi Doug, I know you were kind enough to place warnings regarding "pay pal" and to suggest that FED EX COD was the best way to go. I had a buyer recently insist and beg for USPS COD and have yet to receive the payment after ten days. If you don't mind, please give your sellers a head's up. The USPS will not trace a missing COD until 30 to 60 days! If your buyer won't send you the receipt information or try to track it at their post office you are out of luck. With FED EX, the buyer may have to pay a few more dollars, but as the seller, who is at risk, you are protected, as the FED EX COD comes back the next business day. I wouldn't want to see any other sellers "stuck" as I am. It is very likely I will never see the money and have no recourse. Thanks.
Doug, I believe it would be of great service to your customers to put up a notice in the medical section that they NOT say they accept paypal. Paypal has closed my account, not for using them to purchase/sell meds, but because I posted on your site. This is what they sent: We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account. After review of your account, we determined that you are associated with the website which lists fertility medicine for sale, more specifically, Bravelle. The use of PayPal with this type of sale is a violation of our policy.
Evidently they are trolling your site and collecting e-mail addresses, then closing accounts when customers make any purchase which doesn't run through ebay. I don't know if they clued in to my ad because I said, as do many users of your site, that I used Paypal, but I can imagine that many users will have their accounts seized if paypal is this authoritarian in their patroling of the web. It might also be good to advise only a phone number, not an e-mail address IF it is one they have used with ebay or paypal. Would it be OK for me to post a warning on your site? Thanks, V.A. Austin
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