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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

Sep20-Fairfax VA Have one GonalF 900IU for $375, kept refrigerated, exp 4/17; one unopened box Menopur for $200, exp 2/17; one unopened box Ganirelix for $40, exp 9/16. Will meet locally or buyer pays FedEx COD shipping 757-635-7716 T. Wash

Aug7-Millville NJ Last of my leftovers, 2 boxes Ovidrel HcG trigger, $100 each kept refridgerated, 9 boxes Ganirelix $25 each, & 2 boxes Endometrin sup, $30 each. All have lots of time left till expiration. Email or text, FEDEX COD shipping or meet in person only, thanks! 609-364-5046 Jenn

Sep20-San Diego California FSH Gonal F/follistim pens 900iu $270 each or make an offer if you need a bunch of them, I have about 12 left all refrigerated. Plus 50 vials of 50mg Progesterone oil, $25 each or make an offer for multiples, happy to post if necessary or meet in person +1 725 777 8516 Jekk Grace

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Sep20-southfield MI Hello, I have left over menopur 2 boxes asking $145 per box. I also have ganirelex 3 asking $55 per vial. Everything unused and stored properly. No emails please. Only calls or text. Thanks 248 688 6122 chrissy

Aug4-Modesto California Hi I'm looking for leuprolide acetate 1 mg/0.2 mL Kit please let me know if you have it and want to sell it or donate Thank you 209 534 8129 or Adriana

Sep19-Fayetteville NC I have several unopened boxes of ovidrel pre filled syringes, expiration 10/2017. They have been refrigerated since purchase and I will ship with ice gel packs. $50 a piece plus $11 shipping. I will ship 2 day Priority mail. Please email 803 546 8933 Natalie

Sep19-San Francisco CA IVF meds Gonal F pen - 300 IU un-opened, Lupron - 14mg/2.8ml I only used 0.8ml, Novarel - 10,000 units vial I only used 0.5ml. Happy to sell for US $100 or best offer. Email at gerrieleebaby atT gmail dot com 628 666 7433 Gerrie Lee
Sep19-Renton WA Hi I have a lot of left over IVF medication from August 2016. 7X450iu of Gonal F, 14X75IU Menopur and 3 packs of Cetratide. Will sell all of it for $2000 or on. Nancy
Sep19-deerfield illinois 1 vial of Menopur exp 11/17 and 600 IU's Follistim exp 9/17 with pen. Have been refrigerated since purchase. $250 for all obo. Text 847.401.3982. Beth
Traditional Chinese Medicine May Effectively Promote Fertility

Sep19-Los Angeles CA Hi, I have Menopur $200 per box. Gonal F 900iu $300 per box. Endometrin $65 per box. HCG $55 per box. Cetrotide $50 per Box. Progesterone in oil $50 per box. Lupron 2 week kit $145 per box. Estrace $25 Free shipping on all meds Or local pick up. 323 535 6601 Kya

Do Medications really expire? Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?

Sep18-Brooklyn Ny Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250 mcg 2 box exp Feb 2018. i also have 1 single dose of menopur. I am willing to take best offer. All boxes are sealed and stored properly. Please Email questions. Thank you 347 658 4116 Anthony
Can You Benefit From Fertility Herbs?

Sep18-Los Angeles Ca I have one unopened box of Gonal F 300 I purchased yesterday only to be told today that I don't need it. Selling for $350. 310 963 9404 Sudi
Dr. Mercola The Brighton Method—Helping You Conceive an Extraordinary Child in a Toxic World

Sep18-Gurnee Il Selling leftover IVF Meds after successful cycle. 4 box Ganirelix $65 each exp 6/18. 4 boxes of Crinone gel 8% /15 applicators/box, $60/box. obo. Local pick up preferred. Can ship Fed Ex COD. Buyer pays shipping. 847 809 8069 Olena
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Video:Dr John Cannell Watch Cancer cells destroyed by First Immune GcMAF

Can This Miracle Spice Stop Cancer, Alzheimer's and Arthritis? Dr. Mercola

Caution: This Common Device Can Double Your Risk of Getting a Brain Tumor Dr Mercola  EMF
Sep18-Jupiter Fl Looking for gonal-f Had a still birth 8 months ago And would like to try again 561 972 1010 Caroline
Sep18-New York City NY Looking for femara or clomid, progesterone and hcg for upcoming cycle. I'm trying to conceive a rainbow baby after a loss. Looking for cheap or donated NYC area. 718-281-6398 Marie
Sep16-Salt Lake City Utah I have x30 pills of 50 mg Clomid. They are unopened and brand new. I am askin $225 obo. Email or text me 801 664 6220 Jenn
Sep16-Wake Forest SC IVF Meds available 7 Ganirelix Acetate 250 mcg $45/box, 3 Gonal-f 900 iu Multi dose $375/box, Estrace/Estradiol 90 tabs $45/30 tabs, Microdose HCG $100, All stored as directed, Expiry far away, Preferred to meet, but can ship COD on buyer cost. Emails only 818 912 0334 Charles V
Sep16-San Diego CA 21 Estradiol Transdermal system patches. Exp date 01/17 $30 for all, shipping $5. 858 568 8834 Mindy
Sep15-Frederick, MD I have a couple of Gonal F left. 900 Units New and kept in the refridgerator. Can meet near the Rockville Metro or pickup in Frederick. Cash and pick up only $325 per box. Expires Dec 2017. contact through email: Tara

Sep14- West Texas Menopur 7 boxes. 5 vials per box. Exp 9/2017 & 11/2017. 200$ per box. Follistem 900iui cartridges Exp 5/2018 & 8/2018. 300$ per cartridge. FedEx cod only. Buyer pays shipping costs. Follistem must be shipped overnight in ice packs. 325-665-1743 Erica

Sep14-San Francisco CA 4 unopened cartridges of Follistim 300 iu available. Exp 2/2017 and refrigerated at required correct temperature. $150 each. Locals in SF Bay Area and serious enquiries only. 415-656-8904 Kim
Sep14-Knoxville TN I have lots of leftover Endometrin, 100 mg inserts, $55 per box of 21 inserts. Also have minivelle estrogen patches, .1mg, $40 per box of 8 patches. Fast response and good customer service Please email at Sue
Sep14-Bethesda MD I have 1 box of unopened Menopur exp. 03/17 $200 and 5 boxes of Ganirelix exp. 01/17 $60 per box or $250 for all 5 boxes. Please email snow @ yahoo. Kim
Sep14-Atlanta Ga Unused fertility meds leftover from cycle $350 for all 75 IuI Menoupor Gonal f 225 IUI pen Lupron Trigger shot 404 908 7677 James
Sep13-Indianapolis IN Menopur exp 4/2017 and follistim 300iu exp 2/2017 available. 260 564 5615 Susan
Sep13-Dubuque IA 1-Follistim 300 iu with pen $150, 2-Ovidrel $40 each, 8-estrace patches $5 each, 3-Cetrotide $50 each. 2nd day shipping $7 overnight $23. Liz
Sep12-new york NY Menopur, unopened boxes for sale. $200 each. email or txt 415-373-7061 paris
Sep12-New Orleans LA Leftover Properly stored fertility meds. Two Follistim 300 pen/cartilage at $150 ea. & one box of Menopur at $200. Prices are negotiable. If interested email
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Video:Fisher Dr Mercola & Barbara Loe Fisher : The Smear Campaign They Used to Try to Shut Us Up This respected organization wrote a letter to CBS, pressuring them to take this message down, which was leaked to bloggers who started a smear campaign. Can you really trust conventional health education when they are so desperate to hide this?

Video:Dr John Cannell Anti-Vaccine Doctor, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Explains He’s Under Attack – Targeted by TPTB

Sep12-Fayetteville NC I have leftover Ovidrel 0.5 ml HCG preFilled Syringes expiration 10/2017 it has been stored in refrig. email for more info 803 546 8933 Natalie
Sep11-Pembroke Pines Florida Lots of IVF meds brand new, unopened, properly stored. doing donor cycle and can't use. 25 boxes gonal f 75IU $50 each 6 boxes cetrotide 0.25 mg $75 each 9 boxes menopur 75 iu (5 vials in box) $150 each box Will do bulk discount 786 251 5355 Danielle
Sep11-Portland Oregon Unused IVF Fertility medications. All in the box unopened. 2 boxes Follistim AQ cartridge 300IU and follistim pen & Follistim AQ cartidges $350. Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250 mcg pre filled Syringe 27 gauge by ½ inch needle $50. Clomiphene Tab 50mg 15 tabs $20. All expires 3/17. 503-234-0325 Lily

Jul25-Altadena CA Left over meds - Menopur 75 IU Exp 4/17, 5 vials / box. $140ea. 8 boxes available. Gonal F - 450 $120 / box. All sealed and stored properly. Expiration 7/17. 818-653-9600 Louise

Sep11-San Jose CA: San Jose. Crinone 8% $50 per box 15 application, 2 boxes, exp 08/18. Menopur® 75 $25 per vial, 3 vials for$70, Exp 01/17. HCG 10K $20 09/16. Clomid x10 and Oral progesterone 200MG x 25 for free. Buyer pays FEDEX COD shipping 650 861 8591 sue
Sep9-Las Vegas NV 2x Follistim Pens, 1x Follistim 900 IU exp. Feb 2018, 2x Ganirelix exp. Feb 2018 & Oct 2017, 2x single dose vial of Menopur 75U exp. 1/2017, 2x Pregnyl exp. Dec.2016 and other one expired July 2015 not sure if these are able to be used past expiration text 702 374 1012 Kami
Sep9-Auburn Al Looking for 1900 mg of gonal f with trigger. Will travel to Atlanta Ga. Or pay shopping Please contact me at 520 230 5024 Casey
Sep9-Washington DC Seeking Humira for immune protocol. Please contact me if you are willing to sell. Thank you. 571 699 6520 Bree
Sep9-Centennial CO Selling 2 of 900IU Gonal F exp 2/17 $375 ea, 1 box of Menopur 1/17 $180, 6 of Ganirelix 250 mcg $65 ea exp 1/18. Everything has been properly stored and obo. Gonal F ship with ice packs and original package from pharmacy. 720 949 7631 Sally
scam warning..(this is why FEDEX COD is the prefered method of payment and shipping... editor) For information on the scam…I was contacted by a Maria Druzinovic who said that she was interested in all of the Follistim that I had for sale. Details of her transaction requirements are listed below in our conversation. What happened is that her “sponsor” sent us a bogus cashier’s check which I deposited. She wanted me to deposit the check and immediately wire her the funds, but as I waited to see that it would clear, this saved me from being out $1800 approx. My bank contacted me that the check was being returned and I emailed her back immediately that I would not be wiring money and never heard from her again. Had I not been skeptical and waited for the check for a few days to clear and listened to her, I would have full on been scammed. Please make sure that other seller’s are not taken advantage of and post some sort of warning. Sincerely, Kathy Brown
Hi Doug, I know you were kind enough to place warnings regarding "pay pal" and to suggest that FED EX COD was the best way to go. I had a buyer recently insist and beg for USPS COD and have yet to receive the payment after ten days. If you don't mind, please give your sellers a head's up. The USPS will not trace a missing COD until 30 to 60 days! If your buyer won't send you the receipt information or try to track it at their post office you are out of luck. With FED EX, the buyer may have to pay a few more dollars, but as the seller, who is at risk, you are protected, as the FED EX COD comes back the next business day. I wouldn't want to see any other sellers "stuck" as I am. It is very likely I will never see the money and have no recourse. Thanks.
Doug, I believe it would be of great service to your customers to put up a notice in the medical section that they NOT say they accept paypal. Paypal has closed my account, not for using them to purchase/sell meds, but because I posted on your site. This is what they sent: We regret to inform you that we cannot overturn the limitation on your account. After review of your account, we determined that you are associated with the website which lists fertility medicine for sale, more specifically, Bravelle. The use of PayPal with this type of sale is a violation of our policy.
Evidently they are trolling your site and collecting e-mail addresses, then closing accounts when customers make any purchase which doesn't run through ebay. I don't know if they clued in to my ad because I said, as do many users of your site, that I used Paypal, but I can imagine that many users will have their accounts seized if paypal is this authoritarian in their patroling of the web. It might also be good to advise only a phone number, not an e-mail address IF it is one they have used with ebay or paypal. Would it be OK for me to post a warning on your site? Thanks, V.A. Austin
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